This workshop is designed to help identify, address, and prevent bullying. It provides various levels to assist adults and children. Bullying is an issue that affects everyone, mostly prevalent in schools and today’s workplace. Through role-play and interactive activities participants will learn about bullying prevention and intervention. Bullying is often unidentified and unaddressed, so this workshop will help create more awareness.

This interactive workshop will help increase the understanding of cyber- bullying. The concept of cyberbullying is explored on many levels to address how it impacts children and adults. Strategies for addressing cyber- bullying will be provided with methods to avoid the pitfalls of our digital world. A blend of various methods will be utilized from role playing to creative activities, which provides a fun learning environment. This workshop takes a fun approach to address an issue faced by children and adults. Conflict is a common experience that many people encounter. The presence of conflict is not the issue; it is the approach to resolving conflict that becomes problematic. Conflict that is resolved incorrectly can have many negative effects. This RAF workshop will provide ways to help identify and resolve conflict. It will also improve the org. culture. This workshop focuses on what it means to be an UpStander. Participants will learn key skills for creating change in their environments. Taking a unique approach in addressing the role of emotions, communication, and relationship building, participants will learn how to be effective leaders. In today’s world a leader must be equipped with the proper skills to guide and encourage others to excellence.

Steve Seskin and Sid Krupkin conducting a songwriter's workshop at the Mack Center in Mooresville

November 16, 2015, Temple Beth El, Charlotte, Spice Group Luncheon

Developing UPstanders in Generation Z!

This is a 45 minute presentation by the Respect Ability Foundation whose mission is to confront bullying and promote social justice through music education and the creative arts.

Participants will become familiar with:

•The work of RAF in schools and use of music and the arts to create a better culture for our kids
•A definition of Generation Z and the state of the world for "digital Natives" (the "new" tools of bullies)
•A working definition of bullying and cyberbullying
•The statistics on bullying as they relate to the need for action. (state of the state)
•The difference between bullying and conflict
•Tools and strategies that parents and grandparents can use to identify and deal with bullying and cyberbullying affecting their children and grandchildren

March 30, 2015

Bullying vs. Conflict: Managing Outcomes by Understanding the Differences

Presented at The Inclusion Project Conference, Raleigh, NC.

Too many behaviors or conflicts these days are called “bullying”, and a confirmed bullying incident can get overlooked if it meshes with all the other non-bullying incidents. The reality is only 10% of situations that are called bullying actually is bullying and the rest are conflicts. The workshop will focus on recognizing the different behaviors, the definition of bullying and conflict resolution strategies and activities. Cyberbullying and social media will also be discussed.


August 2014

Teacher Training Workshops for Select Schools

Bain Elementary Teachers Training: Back to Back "How Would You Feel" Activity

Croft Community School Teacher Training: The Caring Being Activity

July 15, 2014 Tyvola Senior Center

Seniors Have a Role in Helping Youth Deal with Bullying and Cyberbullying

The Tyvola Senior Center sponsored a free interactive workshop for seniors focusing on bullying and the current use of social media by our youth, its impact on society, in particularly on our children and grandchildren. Seniors can play an important role in helping reduce bullying and cyberbullying. 

 "This presentation was both informative and inspiring. I pray that our older adults may become significant Upstanders in the world of bullying and cyberbullying. Thank you for sharing your passion for this very important topic”, Joanne Ahern, Center Director North Mecklenburg Senior Center

Your Digital Footprint (for Middle School Students)

The interactive workshop is structured to engage students in dialog about social media and its impact on their future. 

June 18, 2014

Conflict Resolution Workshop Presented at the 2014 Young Elites Leadership Summit

The Respect Ability Foundation spoke about conflict resolution at the 2014 Young Elite’s Leadership Summit to over 100 high school girls and even though it is unavoidable, there are many ways to deal with the issue. There was open discussion with the girls, quick team exercises, and tips on handling conflict.

The reason for that exercise was to help understand that everyone could look at the exact same situation and feel differently about it which is why assumptions should be avoided. “It’s better to be kind than right.”

National Inclusion Projects 2014 Power of Play Conference

This inspiring event was for all people who desired to ensure no child sits on the sidelines! Participants gained knowledge and resources on the latest inclusive practices and networked with others in the field! The conference included training on engaging your children in the community, achieving positive behaviors, preventing and handling bullying, and teaching other kids about disabilities, among other topics. 

Go to www.inclusionproject.org/powerofplay to see more information.

Songwriters Workshop at Woodlawn School

The fourth graders honed their skills as role models all year long. For their service learning commitment, they worked as teachers' helpers in grades Pre-K through first grade at Thomasboro Academy in Charlotte. Students assisted in the classrooms with small groups, reading buddies and even during special projects. They quickly found out that while their service project was a lot of fun, it also came with a big responsibility. Through reflections and observations, the fourth graders discussed what it takes to help out younger students in need.  

Teacher Development Workshop at East Lincoln Middle School

Teacher Development Workshop at Eastover Elementary



August 14, 2013

Forum on Bullying Prevention and Conflict Resolution

The forum focused on strategies to develop a positive relationship with the school to help enhance and support a positive experience for children, properly identify bullying in all its forms including cyberbullying, the difference between bullying and conflict, and strategies for parents to mirror the positive environment in the home. Prior to the start of a new school year is the best time to be developing a strategy if bullying becomes an issue. Every child has been affected by this behavior whether as a target, aggressor or bystander. 

Staff Professional Development Training at Lake Wylie


 "Love in Action: the Transformative Power of Nonviolence"

The Respect Ability Foundation was asked to be a part of the Fifth Annual Lake Junaluska Peace Conference, "Love in Action: the Transformative Power of Nonviolence," The conference drew upon the lessons of nonviolent campaigns and their leaders who discovered a force that can change the world. Participants explored the principles and learn the applications of nonviolence as taught by Gandhi, Marting Luther King, Jr., and many spiritual leaders who offered this alternative paradigm for resolving conflict, achieving justice, and building peace.


Songwriters workshop held at Ranson Middle School by Steve Seskin

Imagine taking a songwriting class from a songwriter who has “made it.” That's exactly what some students were able to do! Steve Seskin has written seven number one songs including Grammy-nominated “Grown Men Don’t Cry,“ recorded by Tim McGraw, and “Don’t Laugh at Me,“ winning NSAI Song of the Year and Music Row Magazine Song of the Year in 1999 as recorded by Mark Wills. Seskin enjoys teaching; he is an insightful, helpful and charismatic teacher.

Youth Empowerment Summit (CMS schools) "The Best of Me is Yet To Be" presented by the Youth Empowered to Bring Change, Inc, (Y.E.T.B.C,)

The Respect Ability Foundation was the social networking speaker for the Summit discussing issues on Cyberbullying; what it is, what personal role do they play in it, and strategies for making positive changes for each individual and for society.

The Summit also focused on effective communication skills, first impressions, health and wellness and social etiquette. 

June 27, 2012, EE Waddell School, CMS grades 5-8

Songwriters Workshop for Children with Grammy Nominee Steve Seskin

ACE Summer School Program, CMS Summer Camp

The children wrote an amazing song in Steve's workshop and then sang it for their friends and family! 

April 13, 2012

Respect Ability Foundation "Lunch and Learn" on Cyberbullying

The Respect Ability Foundation sponsored a "Lunch and Learn” to discuss strategies that parents and teens can do to help reduce cyber bullying,  how community involvement is a crucial component in stopping this behavior, and what schools can do when it is brought to their attention.


February 21, 2012

Respect Ability Foundation offered a free, introductory anti-bullying workshop to the community.

The Respect Ability Foundation offered a free introductory workshop on the tools and strategies to help deal with bullying in all its forms. Parents, teachers, school administrators and leaders of local organizations were invited to attend this all day workshop in the Community Room at the Aquesta Bank in Cornelius.


November 1, 2011
Foundation for Respect Ability sponsored a “Respect for All” Workshop
The Respect Ability Foundation offered a free anti-bullying workshop to district administrators, school administrators and school staff, and community leaders. 


October 2, 2011

Respect Ability Foundation kicked off Anti-Bullying Month with a Free Songwriter's Workshop for 5th and 6th grade children

The children were nominated from the Charlotte and Iredell county schools, as well as on a first-come, first-served basis from the general public, and attended this free workshop and afterwords performed the song they wrote, to their families and friends, in the Auditorium of the Mack Center in Mooresville. Steve Seskin also conducted an hour long anti-bullying concert with the children.

Teacher Training at Pineville Elementary (select school) 2011

Aug. 17-18, 2011

Train the Trainer Workshop with Mark Weiss from Operation Respect


The Respect Ability Foundation launched school year with anti-bullying workshop

Mark Weiss, Director of Education from Operation Respect, along with Dr. Loucrecia Watson- Collins, who is on the staff of the University of Alabama, and also known for her proactive approaches to prevent bullying, conducted the workshop on behalf of the Foundation.

“The goal of the Train the Trainer workshop is to prepare participants to become more adept at offering presentations and workshops as well as at working with teachers and other school staff to respond to bullying and promote a positive school climate. Workshop participates will leave with enhanced skills based on their experiences as well as a training of trainers tool kit to continue their work.  In addition, we will provide ongoing consultation to support them in their ongoing efforts in their schools and community organizations. We are thrilled to work with The Respect Ability Foundation in achieving these goals,” said Weiss.