MGLA 2nd Grade - Creative Writings


First Ward thank you notes for Ms. Susan and Mr. Sid

Bain Elementary Selected Song for the Year-end Assembly May 2015


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Time to Stop the Drama

Written by Mrs. Gregory’s Fifth Grade class (Bain Elementary School) and Sid Krupkin

(1st Verse)
There’s drama in my class, drama in the hall
Drama on the playground and it sure affects us all
Emotions start to show, people  overreact
They walk away from friends and then they try to get them back
They’ll disagree about a game then they’ll lose their self-control
They’ll argue their opinions and they won’t let small things go
It’s time to stop the drama all around our school
It’s time for that behavior to be overruled


A Classroom Story from Mr. Sid

While entering one of my schools recently, the principal called my name and wanted to tell me a quick story. She reminded me that she has two daughters who attend the school: a 4th grader and a 1st grader. Both of the girls are familiar with songs that I have featured on the morning closed circuit TV show and in the classroom each week. Apparently, this principal overheard them arguing at home the other day and the argument was escalating until the 1st grader suddenly broke into song, singing “Get along, get along, let’s all get along!” The girls both started laughing and the argument disappeared. That song, “Let’s All Get Along” is one that I wrote two years ago with a group of 4th graders from another school.  It has apparently had some impact on the many classes of students who have heard it and it felt good to know that it served its primary purpose in this case: to remind young people that, instead of fighting, we can choose to show each other some respect. 

The Gift I Give

Written by Mrs. Diffley’s Second Grade class (Winterfield Elementary School) and Sid Krupkin
The gift I give
Is caring for
Anyone who has been ignored
And the gift I give
Is a helping hand
A friendly smile
And doing all I can
It’s a gift I would give to anyone


In a Fifth Grade class, while discussing ideas for the creation of their song with Mr. Sid, some kids  complained about what it was like being a Fourth Grader last year. They recalled that they often received poor treatment from the Fifth Graders during that year, on the playground especially, as if Fifth Graders ruled the territory and younger kids had to step aside. The kids in this class seemed resigned to the notion that it has always been that way and that, once you get into the Fifth Grade, you’re entitled to act superior. Our discussion led to the idea that perhaps it doesn’t have to be that way. Some questions arose: “What if this year’s Fifth Grade class started acting like upstanders and role models around the school, instead of trying to show power and privilege?” “What if being a Fifth Grader started to mean being a helper and a guide rather than being a bully?” That would change everything and set a new standard for the next classes coming up each year. The idea that theirs would be the first class to change this trend seemed interesting to these kids and we decided to write our song about the possibility. The finished song which I delivered to this class one week later, based on this discussion, is called “Something Needs to Happen”. The words read:


We are finally here
Finally we’re in Fifth Grade!
We made it to the top
Now we’ve earned the upgrade
Maybe we can make things great
Be role models for the whole school
A kinder world we’ll create
Including everybody would be so cool, in our school
Because…something needs to happen
Something needs to change
Something needs to happen in our world
Something more respectful
Something really fair
Something needs to happen in our world
No more calling names
No more bragging or teasing
We won’t put each other down
Making friends will be easy
On the playground we’ll be playing fair
No more pain or frustration
Showing younger kids that we care
Spreading only happy vibrations, no hesitation
Because…something needs to happen
Something needs to change
Something needs to happen in our world
Something more respectful
Something really fair
Something needs to happen in our world